Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Yogic tip for the day

Sw  Niranjanananda says that a perfect breath control can be seen when u breathe in and out just once in one minute. It may explain why Prahlada used to say innnnnnnnnnnnhaaaaaaaaaaaale and exxxxxxxxxxxhale for so long.. we idiots in the advanced teachers training class used to feel stressed just trying the length of that amazingly drawn out inhale and exhale. Oh, to be able to do that would be soooo meditative. I am trying nowadays to at least watch my breath. But let us at least try to slow the breath down now, what???

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evnathan said...

I believe normally a person breathes fifteen times in a minute. After practice and meditation, it may come down to five to seven. To reach the level of one breeath a minute surely will require many years practice. Also, I believe, breathing in, holding the breath and exhaling, all should be of equal time. A controlled breath produces a controlled mind- calm and cool.