Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily health gyan: green is in

I have placed plants outside the Kuteer, so the parrots come, the darlings. They also like green it seems:) And plants have been a constant in my life, though  in Mumbai I have lived in small spaces. Only the last few months, my balcony garden has been somewhat neglected because the bees have taken over .. And have been bitten twice, so it is not such fun to put my hand out fuss over the plants, as before.
But when I was in Kerala, and for a vacation after three years, this has been the best place, I felt since the green here is thick, a  live, soothing, uplifting force. The water too is a green shade, so the green flows and melts around you, in a healing fashion that I possibly needed, so desperately.
Colors and their impact is built into us, I recall reading an exciting book on Art and how we are wired to feel colours and respond unconsciously but powerfully to them,  through our own evolution as a human animal. Colours are a biological, visceral experience for us.

That is why, they say, green is used in green rooms, to soothe nerves. And why nurses and those in hospitals wear green, to calm nerves. And more, you will learn, if you actually experience the colour for yourself. I myself, I love my green stones -- deep aventurine, Indian jade (polite name for green onyx), fluorite (which can be stone flowing with hues of  green, yellows and browns), blotchy bloodstone, soft moss agate, definitive panache of malachite, crystalline tourmaline, the bright and uplifting peridot, darkly mysterious moldavite, to name a few.. I love them, I love them, they talk of secret spaces to me, my stones, of depths, and ages and something long and forever...

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