Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wheel variation: remains one of the most challenging ones

After the knee tore, most backbends have given me a lot of trouble. But I believe that is just the nerve acting coy, and that having been injured, it refuses to be bold. So, I have been `stressing' it (nicely) to put  it mildly -- hopping, running, and whatever u can think of. However, when a standing or mid-air backbend (like the wheel) is involved, the weak knee will move about as if it has a life all its own, and threaten to drop me to the ground. It feels crippled! But hell, I am very heartless (all my students say that, especially the ones who run off and hate me forever:).. This weekend finally back at the Jogger's park to complete my five rounds of jogging, and without any strain! And then, going back to my backbends, knee's timidity and sabotage, notwithstanding.

After a long time, got myself back into this pose, where the hand and legs are lifted on the same side. It is a tougher variation than even the opposite side one. The last few days had been a struggle to get it back into my body. And even the first time I tried it, I collapsed quite dramatically. But well, being heartless has its benefits:)

Happy sadhana!

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