Friday, August 10, 2012

Handlocked peacock feather pose

Essentially a pinchamayurasana variation. But you enter it from the headstand and lift the head up.

  • It is rather challenging simply because you must have immense shoulder strength to lift up the head. Otherwise, of course, the head simply won't lift. 
  • Plus, with the hands locked, there is not much space or scope for manoeuvrability. 
  • The fear in this pose is more, since the neck must lift up confidently -- this is a very psychosomatic fear center and takes some mental effort. That may be why a lot of people fear the scorpion -- the same area is challenged. 
  • Staying up longer is the challenge. U wobble a lot in this pose and need loads of strength, the stay upright. 
Happy sadhana! 

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