Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yogic thought for the day:

Why I am such a tyrant where sickness is concerned. I see, sometimes, students who say, Oh, I have this respiratory problem. Or I cannot sleep in the night. The interesting thing is, even if you give them a yogic solution, they do not use it. It makes you wonder whether they are attached to their problem. There is a Chinese saying, One disease, long life. No disease, short life. I think they meant that if you had a disease, you did not like the suffering and therefore took precautions to control it, and thus heal yourself. I see no evidence of that, largely. Instead a lot of people hug their problems.. I mean, with yoga usually BP goes down in six weeks, including very high levels. The same of diabetes, even of dangerous levels. If you have doubts, you should call up the doctor I worked with, in the Mahindra factory, Dr Nilakanth Shingornikar, and even he used to be amazed how this was happening. Yoga is that sort of a tool. I myself got cured of bronchitis that way, by a daily yoga practice. Because of which if I miss a day's practice, I am finished, and know it will come back. But I see people who do not wish to leave. And if you try to budge them out their, they bite your hand. Why come to me, then? I simply do not understand this schizoid attitude. And let me tell you, have little patience with it, seeing it does not work for either of us. No wonder I get brickbats, even from those who have healed other issues with yoga ..

Here is what Sw Sivananda says:

Thinking of disease constantly will intensify it. Feel always 'I am healthily in body and mind'. - Swami Sivananda - 

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