Friday, September 28, 2012

One legged flying crow pose: ekapada galavasana

This is the flying crow pose. I had probably blogged on it earlier too. What I find, as I teach is, how easy these so called advanced poses are and why I never had a teacher who would teach me these, while I was learning. I give all my poses away. This may sound like a simple statement. But actually I realise as I teach and learn, most importantly, that most teachers are jealous of sharing. So, when I try a new pose and then unravel the technique, I am right off teaching it to my students. So, why do not teachers share?
One of course, most do not know very much about yoga. But those who know,they want to keep the best part of it to themselves. I have known teachers who may give energy(very few in this category too:) but not poses, and most teachers give neither. And of course, it is more exotic to demo poses that look tough -- but somehow they fear, the shine,  will rub off the teacher if any johnnycomelately student can can do the same poses the teacher can. Ha ha!!
And of course, though everybody is bleating on about yoga, I know only a handful of yoga teachers who are giving. I can think of Prahlada and then Uday Deshpandeji. Otherwise very few -- the others, they all have a formula, of making some business with yoga(Oh, ya, I too earn a living from my yoga teaching, as some nitwits will point out) and the initial thrust of yoga as a movement against the movement of their minds, that is all lost somewhere. Because, if the movement of their mind makes them possessive of poses, or jealous and shaky (that, mostly) about sharing, then, they must -- as a direct retort to this vritti (mind wavelet) go ahead and share.  So, yes, I too can  see the trap always, the temptation, to be that way. But I have a vague goal, too vague to be spoken of here, but very definite for me. My head is turned 360 degrees in someplace from where all this seems a mite trite.. I do not even wonder anymore why most teachers cannot share and I also sense a weird sense of deja vu, when I come into students, who resent my sharing!! That may seem strange to you, but that also. After a certain level of `achievement' (if one can ever achieve anything on the mat) they resent something about me, my giving, even to them. This is the new wonder to me, but I am not dismayed... just wondrous, that it can be so!!
So many students, who go that way, resenting:).. how predictable life is.. but should that stop me from giving? Your guess...

I told you, my head is twisted 360 degrees..

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