Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lotus, lotus, oh lotus

Since the knee injury, I was finally, last month able to sit through a full meditation session in the lotus. When that happens, I feel my life is sorted out. Later, however, my knee cracked up again, went a bit topsy turvy like its being tipsy.. this happened again a few weeks back. But as far as I am concerned my knee is fine when my mind is good and it turns its sick self when I am a bit down and out.. it happens, to even yoga teachers:)

For me, this link between my mind and the body became very acute when I had done the assisantship with Prahladaji a few years back. I had cracked my knee that time too, and from kickboxing. My hip had stiffened and I was in terrible pain. But when I went to the ashram, and in my teacher's presence, the knee seemed to sort itself out. It was not then in my belief system, this connection. So, to experience that was very eerie for me and therefore, conclusive. It simply was something that happened and corrected itself, if it could, from the mind.

Maybe, this knee connection is what makes the lotus pose so special. See how it reflects the sense of creation in so many mythologies.. and then, in yoga of course, the sense of higher awareness itself is related to the lotus blossoming, with the final enlightenment represented as the thousand-petalled lotus.

This week, therefore, I was overjoyed when I chanced upon aroma agarbhattis made from the lotus flowers. What an exotic, overwhelming smell..

Something special, is in the air for sure.... lotus... lotus, blossoming.. the fragrance unfolding.. something hidden, coming out... from mud to the heavens...

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