Monday, October 01, 2012

I just found out about homogenized milk!

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Dr Rober E Svoboda says that homogenized milk is very bad for health because it builds ama / a ayurvedic term for body toxins created by wrong type of metabolic acticvity..  I was trying to understand what this homogenisation is and found that it is a way of adding different milks (from different sources presumably) and agitate it to remove the big fat molecules. This somehow increases the shelf life of milk sold to the consumer. I think I have realised when this is done, when shelf life is extended of organic stuff, usually that is a bad thing -- things get bad in food because it is nutrient dense, and homogenisation is like refining atta or rice..

And apparently research has also been pointed at whether this process,because it encourages smaller fat particles to stay in the milk, makes these stick to the arteries and thus lead to cardiac problems. Typically by causing arterial plaque build up.. it could explain why a lot of industrialized nations living with such food technologies suffer heart problems....
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Walter Stevens said...

Yes, I've heard that if you use a high pressure homogenizer the milk tastes even better!