Monday, October 01, 2012

What I did not know about milk..

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I barely eat.. when my Janu comes home, I indulge a bit, because she loves eating out. Otherwise, it is either Moksha or just childhood sickness that had long blunt my tongue's craving for food. I am hungry, and then I remember I need food. Even as a kid, and right into my college days, I would avoid eating food if I could and my mom will have to feed me because I did not have the will to eat. Even today, I have dominant dislike for eating but realise that my energy is flagging either because of demanding students (ha, ha) or due to the fact that I have forgotten to eat.

It could be my liver was ruined by childhood jaundice and my mouth does not have the same prickling craving for food that others have. One thing I love is salted pickles, and even today the Fabindia Amla pickle could be my food turn on!

Any case, when I was living on my own in Delhi, as a PG, I would eat out on the roads because Delhi street  food, those days, was great and cheap. But where I lived, it was aloo chaat, soups, the mini van Chinese noodles, lemon juice (for 40 paise), and that sandwich samosas to which I had developed a deep dislike born of neediness. So, my breakfast would typically skip all these "healthy" things and be a small bar of chocolate with a liter of buffalo milk. Nights would wind up with fruit chaat (which I always loved) and that would be about it. I barely had money, since I borrowed the money for my Journalism course from my sister, and then bought the sweaters for winter from the streets. Some weekends, till the trickle of money came from back home by money order, I would even have to skip some of these luxuries. But my sister used to say that my skin glowed. I realised that it could be the richness of milk that was doing it to me, my starvation notwithstanding.

These days I barely drink milk, having forgotten food once more..

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Free MySpace Animations! Here is what Dr Svoboda says of milk, in a nutshell:

  • It is good for the vata-emaciated (me, me:) 
  • It is good for those with strong digestion ..mmm
  • It encourages the quality of "motherliness". 
  • Milk may not consumed cold, because of its already strong kapha (water/cold) quality. 
  • It may not be consumed with other foods. 
  • Honey tames the kapha element of milk, and is good when had with milk. 
I like the motherliness bit:) But then, as a yoga teacher, I am already a mother, to so many.. even the reluctant ones... 

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