Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kapaliasana -- the skull-carrier pose

The translation of the pose name, it has several innotations. Kapali simply of course discusses the pose, and where it is held-- at the cranium part of the skull -- your forehead for simpletons:)  The other one, which I like, refers to the Skull-carrier or Lord Shiva. A translation, whose actual meaning I am not yet able to decipher, and the one most commonly located when you search on the net, says the Lord of the mundane egg. Mmmm.. there must surely be a story in that translation. Will dig it out!

The pose itself:  It is not as easy as it sounds... The basic sirasana gets a lot of support from the shoulders and the neck. In that pose when u are really comfortable, your neck becomes relaxed. In Kapaliasana however u must shift the weight to your neck, curve it awkwardly, to hold it there, You must not collapse on the neck, which would be a mistake, and which a lot of newcomers to the basic sirsasana also do, but curve it strongly and stay afloat. There are some leg fold variations in this pose, will try it, and let u into the secret.

What u need for this pose:

  • A strong nirlamba sirsasana and comfort level with the different hand variations, because it makes the neck strong and flexible. 
  • Urdhva dandasana -- which actually shifts the weight to the neck and the core, and that will be your base in this pose. 

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