Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vedic Maths/Dermatoglyphics workshop by Pooja Sheth for Yoga Kuteer

I meet Pooja Sheth for the first time. She is settling down comfortably at the Yoga Kuteer, setting up her laptop, making do without speakers for the comp, ok with the curtain acting as projector screen. And even is willing to wait for later-comers. I am touched. This is the Yoga Kuteer's first workshop and I am concerned it goes off well! 
In the Shadows:) Introducing Pooja Sheth who had left an IT engineer job to follow her interest in Vedic maths and Dermatoglyphics.
The Vedic Maths ingrigued quite a few. I have been buying books and start off a few pages with enthusiasm and then come to sutras and founder. Now I hope we can organise a more involved module with Pooja for maths-limited like me and maths-enthusiasts like Vivek:)
Vivek Mohadikar, who did maths in college (and is now my student)  comes all the way from Goregoan. I am touched and pleased. Minesh Sanghavi, as businessman has an even more comfortable relationship with numbers. I am touched he comes all the way from town for this workshop.There is Jahnavi, my daughter, breaking the ice by taking on a challenge thrown at the group, by Pooja.
Pooja settling into her favorite topic...
Harsha Khorana, who finds this workshop on FB, is here.. and asking smart questions that stumps even Pooja:)
Jahnavi, Sonia, Arpan (on the right) are trying to answer.

Sonia, who has also come all the way from town, is trying to connect back with accounts she did in college. Puuja Kukreja, in red, is here to see if dermatoglyphics will help her clients identify their problem with dieting.
Arpan has a little notepad, to do the calculations.
Brain Map, the organisation of Pooja;s which does the dermatoglphics test which will decide which of several types of intelligences that you (or your child) have.
Winding up the talks. First workshop went off well.. Phew!

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