Sunday, October 14, 2012

Second Yoga bootcamp at the Yoga Kuteer, rocks!

 I forget the camera.. problems of multitasking and having two workshops back to back over one weekend (I also have two unattended column deadlines, so I may be excused:) So manage to click with my Android phone. Since Shweta my photographer disappeared this time (any case, if she came, I would have made her do the bootcamp, not photograph it!!) I had to shoot myself. When u want the two-session to be meditative, acting photographer is not an ideal situation for sure. But hey, I said I multi-task na?!
 I am trying to get angles of the surya namaskar -- we did 60 sun salutes this time.  A leap from the last camp. Barring one person everybody completed all the 60, in perfect form, and did not feel they were doing anything overexerting. That happens when the energy of the class falls in place and connects those with a single intention.
 Kapalabhati, five rounds. Retention is giving troube to some people.One person is knocked down, for a corpse pose to rest, others hang on. In the front row Arindam, and Minesh. Behind in black T is Amrita Nayak, Madhu, Vivek, in that order. Far behind, in the last row, is Anuya (amongst the most long-lasting of my students), Muthu, marathoner who is finding out how yoga helps his running and Murthy, hobbling back after a loooong break from my classes and bravely holding on.
 Sonia, in the bright pink T, front row. Behind her, Arpan whose yoga attitude and poses attracts my daughter's attention a lot!
 Murthy up in the shoulderstand, which we held for five minutes today.
 Several went up in the wheel, and then moved into the fish, making the counter pose for the inversion a total of three minutes continuously.
 Halasana I take from several angles. Am unable to click the headstand obviously since I am also helping a few in the headstand. But of the 11 who landed up, only one could not do the headstand due to health reasons. Everybody else went up!! Aw, no pix.. what to do.

 Hey, my signature crow pose. Everybody, all 11 go up in the basic crow pose,several  holding it up to minute. While the others lie back, Sonia, Madhu and Anuya try to challenge themselves with their next fav challenging arm balancers.

 Tea break: humble chai, dhoklas from Annapoorna with green chutney and muted green chillies, and digestive biscuits by Nutrichoice. Chillaxing:)

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