Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yogic tip: the three granthis /knots

Brahma granthi: At the pelvis. Attachment to possessions. Its blocks? Feelings of lethargy, ignorance and limitations in ability to act. 
Vishnu granthi: at the heart Attachment to people, including relatives, friends. 
Rudra Granthi: at the eyebrow center. Attachment to psychic visions and powers. 

There is more to this topic of course. But we are all attached to something or the other.. and here, what I am seeing is that I can be detached from my students. They come and they go.. and even when they come I can gauge  how far they will last:)  Now then, seeing I am such a detached person in most other things, I am surely stuck at the Rudra Granthi :) But with no powers, and only delusions...:) 

Btw the above definitions are Swami Buddhananda 

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Anonymous said...

how does one get rid of the blocks?