Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Quizz: Hanuman pose and some more on gemstones

Answer: Hanuman pose is so named because it typifies his fabulous leap across the ocean, as he decides to go to Lanka. This is where he finally realises that he is actually a superman who has forgotten his destiny due to a childhood curse (when he swallows the sun and is cursed by the sungod that he will forget his powers) till Jambavan, the bear king, gets him out of his amnesia (For me this is a great reminder that we too have forgotten our great destiny of yoga --yoking with the cosmic energy -- and must be shaken out of our amnesia that pushes us into the shallows and shadows of forgetfulness of a cosmic connection and a larger role that is unlimited by our egos).

Quizz: Which of the following popular stones are the chakra stones for the manipura chakra?
1. Citrine 2) Tiger's eye 3) Golden Beryl

Watson, just match the colours of the gemstones to that of the chakra.. for which you need to know your gemstones.. the more I learn, the more I know, I know so little.. knowledge, so wow.. keeps your mind out of mundane preoccupations..

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