Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ruby star.. magic in a stone

Here is a net image (from this site) of a ruby star gemstone. Ostensibly, it is the raw part of a ruby.. though I believe it must be a separate gemstone in itself. I have two versions, one in this tumbled form, and another in a raw cut fashion, part of its rock formation still stuck to it. As usual, I like the latter very much.. I got it for a throwaway price from a street vendor.. but see the magic of this stone, how it glows.
The glow you see is called chatoyancy-- it is an inner shimmer some gemstones have, coming from certain minerals inside, like chromium (in some cases, iron also causes a gold glitter). This resemble the fabulous glow a cat's eye gets when its iris spreads out. Often, my little Sattva, when he peers at me while hiding, gets this deep look. U feel you have leaped into eternity, some magical creative force, when u look into that pixie glow. Apparently people are scared of that glow, and my daughter informs me that some people think that cats are evil due to that magical look in their fabulous eyes. That is news to me.. but u can see how the association of magic and cats came about-- that glow is simply magical, otherworldly!

Any case, setting up shop at the Yoga Kuteer, my Yogatique is back in form, will sell my products from my own site (Yoga Kuteer, btw, booked et al:). so dug out my old stocks and found some things that I had quite forgotten where there.
Though my rubystar pendant is not for sale, this is the magic bit about it:

Ruby is a heart chakra stone. Protects you. Intriguingly, like some heart chakra poses this one both stimulates and calms you (Cobra pose/ Fish).. Why we Indians love it? It is associated with prosperity. U can laugh, but I have a huge block of raw ruby in my money box. And guess what, I am not rich, but I feel rich. Same thing? Not quite:)

Clearly, by association of the heart, it works with all circulatory and lymphatic issues and other stuff which involve vyana (which is the movement of prana as it flows throughout the body -- vyana is one of the five types of pranic energy).
Judy Hall, whose books I depend a lot when reading up exciting stuff about gemstones, says this stone allows you to follow your bliss:) 

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