Friday, December 28, 2012

Characteristics of a good student of yoga : Lord Shiva

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....says a lot of things are required, but these few things in that long list caught my attention:

a good student of ecstasy should

  • eat sparsely 
  • be free from mental poverty (mmmm, that is quite a thing, specially amongst the wealthy I am finding out:) 
  • grateful 
  • attentive (I struggle with this aspect in classes, a quality particularly lacking amongst students who believe being meditative is sall about witcing off!!!) 
  • speaking moderately (mmm, I flunk on this rule,  for sure:) 
  • capable of grasping what is said to him (ha, ha  -- teaching people who have been spoonfed all their lives, who believe learning by rote is being intelligent.. .. finding students who grasp what u say is difficult. Even worse, there are others  who not only grasp, but will talk back, without having grasped at all -- that is when the student becomes the customer:) 
  • indifferent to prasie 
  • open to criticism 
  • well-contented 
  • free from delusion (I am trying, I am trying:) 
  • free from suffering (again, I am trying, I am trying!) 
  • free from worry
  • free from sickness 

From Kula Arnava Tantra 

Have u gone through this list? Where all do you qualify, be honest!! 

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