Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crystals and u: green, pink stones and love

I love my crystals  and gemstones, and I have an amazing collection, some rather rare stones like moldavite.  I believe they are full of energy. When I put them away in a box and neglect them, I feel they are sensing my disregard, like loved pets that have been temporarily disregarded.  I believe attention is a very powerful stimulation and all beings are desperate for that.. including we rational beings believe are inanimate. Spaces, tools, objects, all breathe with That energy, if you get a sense of yoga. Everything is animated by That...

Any case, I have also a great green gemstone collection. Last month picked up a huge chunk of pure green aventurine, with some chatoyancy in it, slivers of shimmer through it, though I don't think that is a natural aventurine attribute. When u hold the huge crystal in your hand, it feels cool. You can immediately sense the disparity, of the heat inside you (that needs some cooling) and the consistent sweet coolness of the stone, like locked water.

Here, some more on green stones

To activate the love center (anahata)  so u can discard jealousy, self-hate, hatred, anger -- u need peridot. It is a soft transparent green. Just looking at it is so cleansing:)

To calm anahata --to remove diseases that come from a love center gone awry -- it is the soft pink quartz, pink kunzite. The resplendent rhodonite, with deep pink which is streaked with black, is another love stone.

To balance anahata -- to live in harmony with the love for the world and ourselves -- it is the stunning watermelon tourmaline and the cheery rhodocrosite.
 (All images are from various internet sites: top aventurine, below rhodochrosite)

 (Above, Rhodonite, below rose quartz)

(Peridot, here and above that watermelontourmaline)

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marrygold said...

Hi Shameem,
where do you pick up your gems/crystals in mumbai? please let me know.