Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Daily Health Gyan: death and u

I have this little trick which is not v original: from a seated pawan muktasana u stand up without touching the ground. I learnt it amongst the several martial arts classes I have tried (I started with Karate, Krav Marga, Kalari and now settled into Muay Thai). All of them use it. There was an agency report yesterday (I asked one of my ladies-only batch if they read the report and nobody had read it, which just shows, the general thing about Mumbai, too busy to know :) in a local paper which said that a great way to predict mortality is to make someone sit on the floor and stand up without touching anything. I always laugh at how we sort of prop ourselves on the floor, then our own body (thighs and knees are great props) and then stand up like a lurching giraffe. It is terrible to think u could die young just from being lazy!

The ability to do that -- stand up from the floor without propping oneself with some form of support -- declared musculo-skeletal fitness, the research found out.

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