Monday, December 10, 2012

Sufism and fanaa

The concept of Moksha it seems is common to all seekers In Sufism, it is fanaa, a total annihilation of the self in the ultimate. In Islam itself, this takes a different route from mainstream, and in many cultures and across history, this belief has been hounded as unacceptable. It seems strange though, because it is the ultimate worship, the sense of letting go of the ego.  How right is that? And why wrong?

Below a quote I found on Sufi thoughts, on death, as seems appropriate to me, nowadays:)

A venerable Sufi has said, "There are three types of sorrow: that of worship - has it been accepted or not? that of sin - has it been forgiven or not? and that of the vision of God - will it be denied or not?" The elect ones have said, "There is really only one sorrow - that of being denied the vision of God! Every other sorrow, apart from that, is easy to bear, because it is not destined to last." Hence it is that the prayer of all the wise in this, "O Lord, do whatever You wish, but don't cut us off from this!"

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