Monday, January 07, 2013

Aromatherapy, for upping your resolve

Plants are very smart living things. The oils they generate, are in a manner of speaking, their vocabulary of communication. When mowed, some plants will set off chemicals to alert other plants. In the jungles, certain grasses and weeds, when their population is overgrown, will generate oils to cause spontaneous abortions in the animals that are overgrazing them. So, yes, aromatherapy taps into that wisdom of the plants, which are clearly sentient as any of us..

So, here are the oils that are meant so power your resolve: cedarwood, pine, cypress, jasmine, lime..

Try, and let us know:) 
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Oh, btw I always use a lot of aroma products. In my yoga classes too, they are always around:) If you feel good in my class, now you know the secret.. it has nothing to do with me, but with my box essential oils!! :) 

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