Monday, January 07, 2013

Will power, with yoga

I wrote this for a column, a while ago. Below are some things I found out, on the will power and yoga connection.
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In yoga, the solar plexus is the will power center. In essence it is between two extremes of our psyche – anxiety (at the base chakra or mooladhara)  and intellectual dispassion (ajna chakra or the eyebrow center). The manipura chakra at the solar plexus is said to create an ego identity. Oftentimes, this can give foundation and fearlessness, and be the platform to reaching higher.  When it is in a state of perfect flow and balance, it can improve the right will power which is not ruthless or selflessly driven. 

Poses powering your will: 
 the setuasana (bridge or plank pose), chakrasana (wheel), dhanurasana (bow pose), utthan pristhasana (lizard stretch pose). Bhastrika (bellows breath) and agnisara kriya (metabolic fire syndrome) are some other practices that power the solar plexus. For will power itself, the practice of anulom vilom is excellent since it works on different aspects of our psyche that promote dispassion, an ability to be disciplined and withdrawn for external provocations and stimulations.  
Mudras to make you determined: 
Mudras may also be used to power one’s will power: some of those which boost morale, willpower and discipline are vata vardhak and vata kaarak (increase in the air energy), and pitta kaarak (boosting the fire element). 

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