Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Know this mudra? Yoga quizz...

Mudras are a fabulous and separate branch of yoga. They must be studied completely. The problem with mudra usage is that since it is easily explained, many `teachers' misuse it, and sort of throw it about, as if distributing chocolates. But mudras have their own contraindications. And like any speciality subject may not be treated in such casual manner.

Some pointers:

  • Some mudras aggravate existing conditions. 
  • Some mudras may be practiced only for a short period as therapy, and discontinued once problem is sorted. 
  • These are also based on the ayurvedic doshas, and if you do not know which is your dosha, u do not want to experiment. If you know your dosha, you must know that some practices will aggravate the dosha. 
  • Not all mudras make the energy flow. Some heal by suppressing an overflowing energy. This is a very tricky subject and this same logic is why chakra healing may also not be taken casually. 
  • Some mudras are also time-based. Again, this is based on bio-rhythms, chronotherapy and ayurvedic timings. 

So, to return to the query in the title. What is this famous mudra called? It is used not just in Buddhism, but also most other religions. Even Christ sometimes is holding this gesture.. What does this mudra mean (the sanskrit name reflects the idea behind this universal symbol). 

Tomorrow on what impact this mudra has on your health:) 

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