Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year Resolution of a Yoga teacher

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  •  I am going to be in the Stream. That means my mind will not slip from my spiritual goal. (This actually simplifies life, Phew:) 
  • I am not going to point out errors of students who deliberately do it to get attention (That used to be tough, but not any more. I often see the cat-got-the-cream look on students who are deliberately attention-seeking in such ways. I do not want their psychic hooks drawing me back into another lifetime.. who wants to spend another life with such types..Phew, that is a relief too, thinking that way:) 
  • I am going to become commercial and think, dream, drool prosperity.. (Phew, that is a relief too:) 
  • I am going to speak more slowly. 
  • I am going to speak more softly. 
  • I am going to act like I have a halo, just like all other yoga teachers (at least, it will make me more sophisticated than I am now:( 
  • I am going to joke less in class (poor students, who like my jokes).
  • I am going to intensify my classes and not be apologetic about it. 
  • I am not going to feel at a loss when a walk-in student proudly announces he/she has done several yoga styles, or Bikram yoga or Power yoga or other hybrids. I am not going to lecture them. I am going to be patient and not judge them for their choices. 
  • I am going to be less of a teacher, in ways I wish to be. I will move away from the attitude of the teacher, even more, this year:)!! 
Of these, of course, only are few are real resolutions and some are faltu(fake) ones. But I am not guessing which is real or which is fake. Why should I? I mean, I do not need to perfect something (myself) that needs to be discarded anyway!

 Phew, that is a relief too:)!!! 

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