Friday, January 04, 2013

Tiger's eye, prosperity and glow

(Tiger's eye above, and hawk's eye, below) 
Look, this stone has chatoyancy -- means a glow. The word is coined from the glow that comes into cat's eyes.. and yes, my dear little kitten Sattva also gets that glow when we play hide-and-seek. He practically looks unreal and magical, when his eyes get that fire glow. So, this glow in the gemstones is called chatoyancy and for me, this is a very fascinating aspect of certain gemstones. Some stones that have it in abundance are the sunstone, bronzite, fire agate, opal, cat's eye of course. There is the hawk's eye, of course, a brilliant black stone with this silvery hue. Certain types of obsidian also.
(Star ruby, above-- all images are from the net. The real ones, in your hand, they will fascinate more, for sure:)


While  tiger's eye is valued as a "prosperity" stone, I love the chatoyancy and what the crystal therapist say of that. aspect of the gems. That the shimmer has a transmuting quality. It can help you face up to your negativities, including problems, and transmute them into healing, positive aspects in your life. That is a nice thought. And whether u believe in crystals or gemstones, it does not matter. The idea behind the shimmer is so beautiful, and possibly, difficult to achieve, that you could, everytime to you look at it, remember that is what you wish to do, for yourself:)

Btw. the chatoyancy stones are also not too good for spacy people like me.. damn! 

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