Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baddhahastasirsasana:bound hands headstand

I had learnt this pose while doing ATTC years ago. And call it the chilled-out headstand. It has this other long Sanskrit name which I discovered only today. It is a great pose and exciting one and as I teach it to my students only one person (she does not like me to mention her name, and I too, perhaps should not due to the nazar/evil eye effect:) has got it. The other person, who also would not like to be named, goes up, but is uncomfortable and unable to get the perfect leg position in this pose. Which seems to reflect the fact that it could be a tough headstand tho I myself don't see it that way. I find it rather easy. In fact, when Prahlada made us do it in ATTC, we learnt to switch our hands in this pose, with the hands out in front, and then back in the unsupported headstand, and back to the basic headstand. One of those playful poses.

So, my basic premise is that you need to have

  • a strong unsupported headstand to learn this. 
  • and a playful attitude. 
As a teacher who enjoys teaching these poses, I sometimes feel limited that only a few students have the attitudinal demand that a strong yoga practice needs. I sometimes(ok, ok, often)  rant about right attitude as the first requirement for learning good yoga -- .. the ability to laugh at oneself, shut off the self-critical voice, step back from the sense of I, the ability to switch off the sense of people about you very important to keep on learning. Most people think I am mad:) But so be it .. for me each pose has a personality requirement and initiates a  temperament change ..calls for an attitudinal shift if that does not fall in place, unless you had learnt yoga as a child (in which case all this skims past you), you are going to be stuck on a permanent plateau..and as a teacher who wishes to teach yoga as a life transformative science, this can be worst thing in students I deal with:) :( 

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