Monday, February 11, 2013

Anxiety: different personalities have different types

I see this in the class all the time. So, when a vata person is introduced to a new pose, they will get excited, complicate things with their feelings or theorising about a pose. Pitta types will hate to be told what to do, and insist their way of entering is better. They will resist learning and keep repeating mistakes. The kapha types, they hate to let go of a habit they have and feel anxious when u make them leave a patter  -- for instance, kapha personalities hate leaving the ground -- so poses like the headstand, even shoulderstand and the crow -- they will learn last. They will stick to a pattern of poses, and mistakes, and will not budge from the mistakes simply because to do so makes them nervous. So, u can see how tough it is to teach, over the clatter of some many personality types sticking to their doshas:(

Cure, through ayurveda (this insight is from Dr David Frawley):
Vata-- ashwagandha and triphala.
Pitta -- Gotu kola
Kapha -- Pippali and guggul.

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