Monday, February 11, 2013

Shoulderstand, the other way

This is a slightly more difficult version of the knee to forehead version. Here the leg is tilted out in front. Obviously, it could be far better and lower. That causes quite a crush on the wrist. Had not tried this pose since I learnt it when assisting Prahlada. Janaki asked her to do this version and I was rather excited then. Since then, have tried it a few times only, simply because my ego does not like the fact this pose is so difficult to crack:)!!

Any case, when I go public on a pose I start on, then I am shamed into perfecting it:)

What this pose needs, I assume (since I still do not do it perfectly, it could be so that the leg is parallel to the ground and the tilt is sharper and neater:)

  • Wrist strength. 
  • Ability to shift weight and maybe lighten the butt (the same issue that happens in a locust) 
  • Take the crush on the neck because the pressure at the upper squeezes out the breath, so it is rather difficult there, to hang on, and breathe. 

Will keep u posted, as I advance. This is just the baby step...

Happy sadhana! 

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