Friday, February 15, 2013

Sattu, my kitten and my teacher, is sick:(

One very pompous ass (please, I am not a false-halo yoga teacher and so can be unpretentious and say what I wish, in my space. And a pompous ass is, even politely, to be described only as a pompous ass, kiya?) when I put Sattu's face in fb as having attained yogi state, this person (with some high fanda yoga term as his fb name) says archly that I do not know what is the yogi state. Of course, I don't know. I am just saying my kitten knows. And obviously this asinine person believes that animals are far down in his perspective.. I am sure every day he shuts his eye and sings na bheda/abheda (that I will be free from treating things as high or low)  but does not mean it.
That he, despite all this show of yogic attainment, does not even know Dattatreya, regarded as an evolved yogi, godhead and avataar of Lord Shiva listed 24 things from nature to be his gurus -- these included snake, pigeon, spider, raven, moth, to just name a few.

Any case, my little teacher is very sick and I have been very disturbed by this. Unlike in other professions, I cannot take off as and when I may require to do so. But  except some very discerning students who see the sacrifice behind that commitment, I am used to being largely unappreciated. These days I make my students sign a form, only after they read my rules, which includes a four day  shut down of the center every quarter. This too I have not taken (except once) since making the grand announcement.   Earlier, when I started teaching I had worked one off into a month. One student (that time my fee was a measly 1000 for 13 days), sulked one whole month though he was a 100-kg fellow whom I would, with love,  lift up into the headstand. He said that I was being unfair! And left screaming at me. Then, this year, so many years down the line, he sends me an sms saying he has forgiven me for the incident and I should also forgive him:) The absolute cheek of silly people, it never fails to puzzle me!

Any ways Sattu has taught me a lot of things.

  • Mostly unconditional love, to give without asking. 
  • To be near the person u love, even without gestures, just near (but of course, he is also full of loving gestures -- he will stand up to reach his paws on the chair I sit, slap me slightly with a soft paw to indicate his love or kiss me with his nose:) 
  • Even though he is very strong, when he needs to, even when jumping suddenly, he will withdraw his terrifying claws  when he bounds over me. It happens even before he has decided to jump, and this is a big marvel to me, how he does that, to protect me and his concern, it is so touching.
  • When he wants something, he indicates that so gently.. a light butt of the head, a wriggle against your legs.. usually I know what he wants.  
  • Which goes to the other point he has taught me (which I also learnt in vipassana) that a lot can be said without words. For someone whose visuddhi chakra is flowing to the point that it will choke her one day, this is a marvellous and releasing experience for me. And powerfully convincing that yes, much may be said, without words and that equally, more than words, we must take care of our gestures .. 
  • To be able to have fun with oneself, and independently joyful. That is an amazing thing he is -- full of joy, with himself. In the nights, u can hear him playing by himself -- how wonderful, magical, pure and independent is that. 
  • He is actually very undemanding. That is a lovely quality too. To self-contained that u don't need to ask. 
There is so much more, he has taught me and continues to teach me. I have not learnt all the lessons he has taught me. But hope to.. 

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