Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yoga for your heart: today's tip

I was, old hag, sniffing when someone said ha, tomorrow is V-day. The girl gently told me, why not just spread love (instead of intellectualising it, she must have meant.) I agreed. What's wrong with celebrating love, even if it started off and is sustained by commercial interests. So, went to Haagen Daas and had a melting moments ice cream, with the chocolate hearts holding some nice tidbitsy ice creams, spread over some frozen strawberries. It seems we were the only ones tucking into it, because the waiters did not recognise our  order and then they felt we should take a photo with it (make it famous on our fb page, status update ha ha ?)

The purpose of this blog is not a status update (how irresistible that occupation is:) but to suggest that all backbends are actually anahata chakra poses. Maybe that is why they give me most trouble -- either I am heartless or loveless:)

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