Saturday, March 30, 2013

Loose motions : how two different medical sciences view this

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Last week my Sattu had loose motions, and since I am his adopted and loving mother (he is a Persian cat, who is my pet and is a nine-month yogi.. He is magically self-sufficient, intelligent and unconditionally loving, that is why. Holding him soothes an age-old pain in my heart.. against his body, held at my chest, I can feel the pain draining off) I realised that there may be something that is triggering this.

I changed my vet and tried an old hand.

He said that the stool showed tonnes of fat. The fat must be adding to the mucous, making his digestive system weak. I liked that this vet took the problem from the cause and sought to treat the disease. The other one would just give me a list of six medicines to give him, without finding out which should be the only choice. And feeding medicine to a cat is to traumatise it.. it is the most difficult thing u did in your life, next to bathing a cat, of course:)

I am now checking a book on home remedies and found a further insight and how different medical systems look at an ailment.

Here is a quote from this book Home Doctor by Dr P.S. Phadke:

According to modern medicine the cause of dysentery is microbial, whereas ayurveda states that dietary indiscretions, climatic changes, wrong foods, incompatible dietary combinations, a hurried way of life and an unhealthy environment makes a substrate for these microbial infections to take root.

Now you should decide which makes better sense...

I realised that the causes for Sattu's problem were quite clear, seeing what Dr Phadke is saying:

  • I was overfeeding him.. there seemed no time limit.. whenever his plate is empty like a loving but silly mother I would fill it up.
  • He was eating the most expensive cat food in the country, but packaged food is full of preservatives and possibly straining his digestive tract. 
  • We also do not know what the packaged food contains, when it says fat... what sort of fat, is it offal, or what--  just because it comes in a sophisticated package we assume that it is great stuff.
So, now, I have to gently, slowly wean him off too much dependence on packaged food. I must have set meal timings and see that I do not keep on overfeeding him (Doc told me that his stool contained lots of undigested food, so, there so much for my feeding him with love!!)

So, yes, look beyond the symptoms, to locate the cause, and the disease could be telling you something about yourself, that you should know...

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