Friday, March 01, 2013

On the two queries posted in this blog

One asked for the ideal book on Aromatherapy.. I refer quite a bit to Aromatherapy Bible -- it is available online and is part of the best-seller series on other subjects -- Crystal Bible, Yoga Bible, Intuition bible, Chakra bible, and so on. I own most of them.

The second query asked was for stones-- where u get them. U get a lot of them all over Mumbai, especially in these shops that also sell idols and icons. These are pretty crude. U get designer stuff, with gemstone carving, at five-star boutiques. Some  silver shops like Silverstreak also stock beautifully crafted gemstone jewellery. Raw stuff, u need a good supplier who will not cheat. The prices are going up due to renewed interest in them, plus the fact that these cost a bomb abroad. In India, they are still cheaper, since most people do not buy them, and prefer gold, silver or diamond (for resale value:( 

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