Friday, March 01, 2013

Protection imagery: pink light

It was by accident that once, in a hypnotism workshop (which I have completed one level) I met a pranic healer who told me, that as a yoga teacher my meditation should seek protection. He said that whether you believe in it or not, just the fact of your daily practice will give u a higher energy flow and that is going make others draw from you. I believe that too, though I also believe it is egotistic to think that. So hung and throttled between these two belief systems I have resisted this imagery. Prachi, my pure Reiki child, told me I must do it, to protect myself. If I am feeling drained, it is because I am not taking this aspect seriously enough. She has the sweetest intuitive mind there is -- without being surprised -- because she believes in all things awesome. I guess those of us who do have such awesome beliefs, if we taste a bit of it, we get overwhelmed.

Any case, last two times she has given me reiki and then suggested I get into visualising pink light meditation. I am trying;)
Interestingly, as a boho-bling person ( I think I am bohemiam, my daughter sniffs I am bling:) I wanted to visualise a deep sharp pink. But I would get only the milky pink of a rose quartz. Prachi says I must let the colour happen naturally. So I gave up (maybe that means I am not bling anymore:) But today I got this amazing sparkling pink color, shimmering, glowing, flashing.. wow:) This mind, it is crazy and does its own things!!

I like this transcript on how to do this, here: 

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