Friday, April 26, 2013

Clenching fist, a new study on memory and yoga and all that

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A new study a research unit from Montclair university found that clenching fists can aid memory. In yoga, a clenched fist is a mudra that is called mushti mudra and has been used as a powerful hand gesture to heal the aggravations of all the three ayurvedic doshas of vata (anxiety), pitta (anger), kapha (lethargy/dullness). It is used to release pent up emotions and can be used to calm an hyperactive mind. The mudras, as the books of Bihar School of yoga, explain are based on the principle of the homunculus man (brain map of body parts'representation in the brain).

The study also found the same link as yoga on how the left hand connects to the right brain hemsiphere and vice versa. Left hand deals with sadness and anxiety. Right hand with happiness and anger.

And in the new study it was found the clenching the fist before picking up important facts could help remember, while clenching it while trying to retrieve it will also help it faster.
Also, clenching the right fist will help lock the facts in, while clenching the left will help retrieve it.

The thing course is that while typing this all out my hands are preoccupied and I cannot do a mudra, and my mind is already boggled about all that left-right stuff.. oh, and I am dyslexic, and it is yoga that makes me laugh at that, and still find my way about, with my body and my mind. Else, I would have been lost to myself, long ago:)

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How many min to do the fist?