Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ekapadabakadhyanasa:onehanded meditating crane pose

Ok, at the expense of sounding self-congratulatory I must say this is a pose I feel proud of:) It felt, when I first saw it in a book, a simply impossible-to-do pose. I tried it yesterday, falling down several times, and feeling that the book was making up the pose.. it was an illustration and so I felt that it was not possible to do this. I tried it again this morning, and got it. Which just shows how silly and self-limiting and judgemental the mind is and why it may not be taken too seriously. On a more humble note, I must confess that my left hand does not give a great lift .. which of course, is a problem, that may be sorted with practice.

I love the lessons a pose can teach. I always feel excited when entering a pose and I don't think much of what I think too seriously.

That sort of is falling in place more intensely now, especially since I am starting my meditation class this Saturday.
What this pose needs:
 To be frank I still don't know:)

  • But a strong, a minute stay in the crow/crane pose/
  • A strong shoulderpressing pose.
  • Then some core strength. This may be really important, if you are muscled, the way I am, since then one is heavier and therefore need more strength. 
  • What I felt when I went up and pushed higher into the pose was the extend the abdomen is involved in this pose. 
Progress in the pose:
I entered this with one leg held out. The ideal entry is to stretch the leg out from the crow. Working on it, working on it..

Happy sadhana!

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