Thursday, April 25, 2013

Night birds and waking up early

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I always was an owl, and though I knew technically the night was shorter than the day, if I had a deadline I piled it on for the night, often staying up entire nights to do my work. I have done that most of my life, including from the teens, and it worked for me as a journalist, staying up, nail-biting and tense as the time flew by and lumber around the next day, living on coffee and an empty stomach..

But all that changed with yoga. The interesting thing, if there is some work that needs to be done late nights, I can sit up as long as I want and yet wake up, crack of dawn.. I simply cannot seem to sleep on, as I used to do, while doing night shifts..

It has something to do with having yoga in my life, I feel.. this time extension..

Here is some more on this:

Dr Robert E. Svoboda in his book Prakriti,  “Awaking before sunrise permits the body to begin to synchronise itself to the rhythm of the sun. Also, vata (wind element) whose qualities of lightness and irregularity do not encourage good sound sleep, rules the last portion of the night. Since vata is also involved in elimination, the pre-dawn period is the best time to try to eliminate the body’s physical and mental wastes. Proper elimination also helps remove the kapha that naturally accumulates overnight.” 

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