Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sour taste:daily health gyan

I was talking to my doctor about my knee. She feels that it could be just natural aging:) I have no issue with that attitude, but then, the thing is I know of so many youngsters, some in their teens who have an issue with their knees (including my own daughter). So, if we were to just let a problem hang because u think it is natural aging, it means you have given up from dealing with it. I somehow do not accept this explanation at all, since I feel better now, healthwise, than when I was a kid and I think it has a lot to do with yoga as an attitude and being, including eating the right foods. 

So, I was coursing through stuff in ayurveda on foods and this is what I found out: that sour and bitter tastes are good for healing of joint pains... some things on that, from an article I wrote a while ago: 

(Image of the sour tamarind from this link) 

In ayurveda, this taste is associated with earth and fire elements. In ayurveda this is said to be found in sour fruits, yoghurt, and fermented foods. Dr David Frawley believes this taste does not do much to the nervous system, but can be a mild stimulant (from his book Ayurveda an the Mind). It can help counter depression and dizziness. In this category he places herbal wines, lime, amlaki and tamarind.

Dr Robert Svoboda’s book Prakriti gives its impact on the body: Sour increases kapha elment (heavy, slow-moving personalities) and pitta (fiery, competitive personalities in ayurveda), and decreases vata (hyperactive, creative),. It is heating, heavy and unctuous. Sour refreshes the being, encourages elimination of wastes, encourages spasms and tremors to abate, and improves appetite and digestion.

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