Monday, April 15, 2013

Rope burns and knee collapse: why I do what I do?!

Went back to rope after two years gap -- a gap which I was compelled to take just when I was doing so well, due to the knee accident:( Any case, my whole body is aching like I have a high fever, my leg has black and blue bruises all over from the rope cutting into it, and my feet have rope burn marks that look ugly and make me look like an unkempt unstylish woman (I gave up, long ago)

 Still, I love it, just as much. My knee seemed to descend into more trouble after I started it, because I tried what is called Hanuman pakkad (monkey god hold) and hung by the ankle. The right leg was fine, but the left knee (ahem) felt odd..

This one above is the simple jump. I have been struggling with this for years and this is the A of rope yoga. Usually Sir will put me into it, and then you sort of grin through the intense pain of the rope burning into your flesh and toes and anywhere else and do the yoga poses and hang on for dear life. But this time, I was there with J, on my own, and tried it and even managed the simple jump I tried it several times and each time, I managed it, however inelegantly the entry into the pose was. That is because my left leg would not remain straight -- the knee is so full of fear that sometimes I wonder if it triggers pain on its own..

Any way, a good moment:)

So, why do I do what I do? The other day, an acquaintance  looked at me askance, and asked me very pointed questions?

  • You are free the whole day, after just three hours of teaching (Some of us make hard choices financially, and make it work. Why it burns others, is a wonder to me?)
  • You practice for so long daily? (She actually wants to tell me: I hate u for enjoying what you do in life. I hate you for loving fitness) 
  • Your own practice, she asks again, raising her eyebrows, soo long? (I mean, what is a yoga teacher without a daily practice.. why it bothers and agitates people what I do-- would they rather I gossip, bitch or talk, like them?!!) 
  • So u do not do anything the whole day, apart from your classes? Arrgh, she won't let go.. (This really bothers people who do all sorts of funny things, like poke their noses into other people's lives and I hate having to explain that I am so busy that I don't get time to do even  my nails -- that is true -- I am writing columns, I have done three books and have two in the pipeline, just at the tip off this keyboard and I spend quality time with my kitten, I take it out for walks, groom it, and then I practice, phew, that last one really gets them:) 
I do what I do because I rather spend time away from people -- I am involuting because I am a hermit in a cityscape, a misfit. 

I do it because I prefer my company over others, to tell u the truth:) 

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Visitor P said...

You are inspiring! None of my business, but are you married? Because whether or not, I find it inspiring that in either case, you manage to work for what you are passionate about and lead a full life. It is inspiring for many women like us -- we can look up to you.

Thank you.