Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring catarrh: daily health gyan

Spring catarrh is not the same thing as conjunctivitis. I had a bout last week, because of my contact lens (shot the due date for discarding it, my analysis .. but my doctor feels it is the pollen from flowers (maybe since I hang out below in the garden in my old building, with my kitten, almost daily, rubbing my face into shrubs and being bitten by mosquitoes.. It could be even the pigeon shit that blows into my face every time I switch on the ac at Yoga kuteer .. I removed all the wasted pots and plants at the sill and cleared the muck, the last two days.

Spring catarrh interestingly is an autoimmune thing, is non-infectious,  where the body's defense system attacks itself when provoked by an otherwise harmless particle (other ailments, to which I have been prone and have controlled with yoga include bronchitis, joint pain -- ha ha vata dosha, and everything else in between:( like a pollen, such stuff which does not bother the rest of humanity. I must be passing through some vulnerable phase. I used to suffer that in childhood, deprived, troubled et al...and happens when I am feeling hypersensitive about stuff.. hey, must get back to practising antar mouna..

Spring catarrh bothers the eye quite a bit.. awkward. usually happens with children (I must be regressing:)
Interestingly, it settled in a day, and I continued with my practice, with just a day's gap, taken more for my periods, then for this issue..

Eye drops, regular washes of the eyes, cold compresses -- and just chillaxing -- the last bit, usually does the trick!

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