Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why bother to look or call oneself the seeker?

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The latest halo we all -- those of us in this yoga world and who like spiritual stuff -- is the label of the seeker:) It is a pretty highfalutin one, and I must confess to using it (humbly though) with as much frequency as its pompous users.

But really, in  serious jnana yoga space (where I believe Zen, Taoism, Koans exist) if you are seeker, you are already lost. In these stratosphere of spiritualism, you do not seek because you are already There. Often the Mulla Nasruddin story would be recited (and all moral stories across the world have some version of it, like in Jataka tales too, for sure) where the Mulla sees five people squabbling about how big their group is, and as each one counts the group, he leaves himself out and always adds up to the wrong number, of four!
Seekers seek because they have not found it. Here, Zen, says, u do not need to seek:

It is eternity now
I am in
the midst of it.
it is about me
in the sunshine
I am in it
as the butterfly
in the light-laden air
Nothing has to come. 
It is now. 

Richard Jefferies

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