Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The sense of oneness: in a pose: relaxed comfort that Patanjali spoke of

When I start learning a pose, I struggle with it, initially. That is what actually helps me break it up, so I can teach it to my students. The next stage I try to reach with that pose is a comfort level. The backbends still are
tricky, maybe I don't have much self-love:)
But I try that, to work a sense of ease. The reason I do any of the other activity I do, including singing is for this reason -- and a sense of oneness with some aspect of the sense so it reaches out, completely. This can be quite an eye-opener, that our mind is not really trained to take in much and unless u push it ahead, it will not learn to do that. Then, something settles in. I realise that with people too, that they connect when, at one glance, you can take them in, for what they are. And that seems to either get their hackles up or let their guard down. It is interesting, this way of looking at the world, as completely, yet unaffectedly, as possible.

I like that sense in a pose. Lately, I was trying to increase my time in the basic headstand and realised that a comfort zone is very difficult to leave.. that too is exciting, na? But to feel one with a pose, that is so relaxing where I see a lot of people struggling and straining.

The idea of this is difficult to get through, but here Li Po, very poetically puts this thru

The birds have vanished down the sky 
Now the last cloud drains away 
We sit together 
the mountain and I, 
until only the mountain remains. 

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