Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bowls must talk to you: stillness before sound happens

Let the bowls talk to you.
That is the way Srikrishna Shahi talks, lyrically, of the bowls. I learnt more than meditating with the bowls, when I went to Kathmandu, to learn it, from him. At the magnificient Swayambunath Temple, where Sri lives.
It was the most liberating experiences in my entire life. Freed from many lifetimes. When the bowls sing, the mind melts, and with it, the accretions of many lifetimes. That is what it is... the deletion of the accretions. I simply cannot explain it. If the yoga path healed my body, the bowls will heal my soul.  More on them, as I discover myself through their singing, and their silence.

I have learnt so many things just being with the bowls. The power of vibration, the stillness before sound, how emptiness is never empty.

Sri told me that there is an empty sound -- when the gong is just moved off the bowl, without touching it. Just as a building is built around an empty space, and would be meaningless (just a block of cement/mortar) if there is no empty spaces between, so also there is nothing empty, that appears to be empty. And what appears to have form, needs the emptiness to complete itself.
Whoa! What a thought!!!

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missed u so much.