Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Opening the third eye: even sitting still

U may be surprised, but a lot of dull-looking people -- by which I mean (judgementally and otherwise:( those who look bored -- are really very fidgety.You would think bored people will  be sluggish or lethargic.I think they give the impression of lethargy directly by how they feel. It is an interesting thing I have noticed about people -- those who are not focused on the mat, will fidget a lot in yoga nidra.. U have to practically "shake them'" up, to be still...U would think the less focusing ones will be sleepy and therefore still.. they are sleepy, but not still.. the ones who are focused understand stillness and see in it a very active and dynamic state of mind.

I am blathering about all this because I find that this stillness of the mind, through the body is one of the most difficult things I struggle to get through to people who do not understand the sheer magic of yoga and why this stillness is required.

I am reading this book Ajna Chakra, and find this underscores my own belief systems.. that intuition /the third eye opening will happen with body stillness..kaya sthairam..
the book says this is a complete sadhana in itself and may be developed with steadiness and dedication. The body will feel light, and you enter the zone:)

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