Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eka pada bakasana: tough, tougher, toughest

These poses are real challengers:) Evennow I cannot quite decipher where I lift up from, ha ha!
I often think I have decided to keep my leg straight either way, and just decide to go.. and yes, it does go that way.. but not always.. which goes to show that it calls for strength.
Iyengar says these poses must be done from the headstand. However, I only lift off from the ground and have not yet drifted downwards.. Often, some poses are easier from the headstand..
Will get around to it,by next week where I am also hoping to catch the cockerel pose (kukkutasana).. it needs a band of muscles at the back of the neck, to lift up, and tremendous power at the bones of the forearms.. on which I am now working.. it feels,uh oh, just a breath away from being reached:)

What u need for this pose?
* Tititibhasana (firefly pose)
* the basic crow,for sure

Happy sadhana!!

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