Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old wine,new bottle:) Revisiting an old fav pose with a new entry and fresh exit

The thing about the ekapadakoundinyasana is that the photos of it, shot from whichever angle, are never flattering:( And never quite make the pose look perfect. Which also, though it does not feel like it, may be the truth. Which means, it is a pose that can never be taken for granted. And that you may never stop growing in just how perfect you could make it. Also,if one side is strong,likely the other is weak. And hey, have you noticed, that all the photos show only your strong side:) 
Any case, what I learnt new in this pose: you may enter it from the lizard pose. And you may exit it with the upward dog.The latter is particularly exciting. Worth trying, since it brings up the fear your knees nurse, especially if you've cracked one open, the way I have:) 

Happy sadhana!!

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