Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why stretching is painful for some people and what u can do?

Am reading a wonderful book on exercise and mobility and anatomy by Jo Ann Staugaard- Jones:

Am copying a para below for those who want to do better on the mat..
"Once the muscles begin to relax, stretching can be done. A tense muscles cannot stretch. Lengthen by stretching the muscle while it is relaxed, then hold for two seconds or more. If the stretch reflex has not been activated, the position can be held longer.

The stretch reflex is a function of the neuromuscular system. It is a reflexive contraction of the muscle being stretched, a built-in protective mechanism that helps prevent over-mobility of a joint. In other words, when the muscle is stretched too far, it will tell you to stop the stretch before it is injured. If one is careful while stretching and listens to the muscle, a stretch can be held comfortably. Hold far and long enough to fee what is stretching but no further unless it is not painful. Breathe throughout the stretch and relax.

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