Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Celebrating headstand:on the king of poses

Today, I am 2nd day back into the blog,and feeling celebratory about it.. I had switched off mainly because this business of being a teacher -- too much!! But that I am back at the blog, and voluntarily (ha, ha)  could mean that I have buried the demons about being a teacher, and that identity too, I can shed, as I did,being so many things, like being a journalist, this and that, amongst other things.. and then, maybe I can finally start heading where I wish to, towards being nothing:)

I like what the Bihar school of yoga says, of its benefits:

  • Because it awakens the sahasrara chakra (crown) it is regarded as the greatest asana.
  • It increases blood to brain, the master glands. 
  • It relieves anxiety, other psychological disorders.
  • to control asthma, hay fever, diabetes, menopausal issues.
  • aids tissue regeneration. 
  • relieves the spine of gravitational drag. 
  • throws toxins out. 
Here's to the king of asanas. 

The Bihar school of yoga also says that while beginners can hold it just for 30 seconds, advanced practitioners can work up to 30 minutes.. oh wowwwww!!!

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