Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Coughing and the throat chakra

OMG! All my life I've had this weird cough, which went away for a long long time through yoga. Last week, for some reason it resurfaced: (oh, it happened after the chakra workshop and I discovered, thanks to the workshop leader Prachi Malik, that I was a throat chakra person! and I always nursed this feeling I was stuck at the anhata). So, I have even lost my voice for a day, last week. And struggled through the classes with a croak and the cassette of Prahlada for the pranayma).
I discover that acid reflux, which is silent, often causes sore throat. I think this is what it is: an inflamed vocal chords, throat burnt by stomach acid.. yeesh.. and what use then, when you try to halt the symptoms with some stupid treatment. I think of all the doctors whose hands I've passed through, and think, how could they have all have missed what was so obvious, now, thanks to the internet.. I still find the doctors diagnosing for this as if it is a respiratory problem. It is not. It is a digestive problem, even a lifestyle one.. more on that later, since I plan to write a column for Rediff.com on this.

Acid coming up, burning your throat. It can cause sore throat, and a terrible, wracking cough..

And I am thinking that it is is my throat chakra suggesting that I need to shut up.

Bit of both, I think:)

So, I am back at the block, shutting up someplace, opening up some place.

Guided, as I believe, to share!

(Image of the Vishuddha, from this site)

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