Tuesday, November 05, 2013

What's in a sound? Hmmmm-- its HAM!!!

One of the best things that happened to me, while doing English literature at college, was the introduction to linguistics. There was something so mathematical about language formation, that the structured creativity of languages came from the amorphous mind, fascinated me. Most (mmm, all) of what I learnt then has gone completely off my brain, yet, the idea of connections between languages has lingered. That we are all so linked.. if u study languages you will find the connections eerie.  Any case, which is why when the idea of beej mantras came up, in the course of my learning about yoga, I was as fascinated by them. Some sounds are hardwired into us brain.
That is why the beej mantras must work.
Now that I have finally discovered that I am a throat chakra person, then, I must obviously check out its beej mantra, right? It is ham.
It is a part and half of the other nirguna mantra -- so-ham.

Somewhere in the net I read that it is for those who are fearful or anxious.

May be. A book on singing bowl says this beej sound is ground, and instils serenity.

Ham -- is the sound of the throat chakra
And may be used to power this chakra's corresponding biological parts at the throat, voice, ears, thyroid, parathyroid, neck, shoulders, arms,and hands.

When the throat chakra malfunctions u will suffer from ailments related to this region. Sore throat (ha ha, how many times have I lost my voice over the last 50 years:), stiff neck, cold, thyroid problems (have never checked, maybe that is why I don't know), hearing problems (mmmm...).

On Ham, Dr Frawley has this to say:
It is expanding, dispersing, controlling. It is corresponds to space, light. On the mental level it is related to energy, expression, detachment, transcendence. On the physical level it is the movement of vital energy Prana, from heart to left foot .. it is also related to Udana otherwise.

(My lapis lazuli, the deep blue, gold flecked fav stone of mine. It is a throat chakra stone, btw)

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