Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Kapalabhati?

Most yoga classes do not teach pranayamas

I think it is also simply so because the instructors themselves do not practice it, nor see it as important
Also, because teaching or giving instructions for pranayama needs a lot more energy than it demands for asanas -- this is because, there is a lot of resistance generally from students to pranayama,so the initial energy thrust has to come from the teacher till students become "advanced" or mentally mature enough for pranayama.
So, it is quite tough. Only over the last one year, after years of teaching, can I say with confidence that I can conclude a section of pranayama with satisfaction.. without the usual drain, or reacting to the emotional resistance of the students.  The latter is also what puts off a lot of instructors from teaching it. But since I have started teaching I must say I am happy to have maintained the status quo of pranayama in the one-hour class. It is the Diva:)

I am restarting some books on Pranayama and found this bit about Kapalabhati

* It reduces samanu -- which is the central prana (energy) of the body -- according to the Bihar school, this means a reduction in vrittis (thought waves)
* it increases udanu (upward flowing prana /energy ) -- this means more energy goes to the brain (hence the name skull-cleanser)

More on this, biologically

It makes your overall metabolism efficient
Expands lung volume
It reduces nervous movement of the mind
It awakens the brain, removing lethargy

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