Monday, December 02, 2013

When the bowl talks to me...a magical ululation

I  sit with my bowls, restless that I am not getting into a special quantum time warp, to be able to "talk" to them. Or, they to me.  I have a sense of them, as live people. For me, all things are animate. Spaces included. Till a few weeks ago, I would have felt sheepish admitting this in print, or even to have said it aloud in my own mind. Because there was, till a while ago, a sense of feeling cheesy for admitting to such belief systems. But  something about Prachi's  chakra workshop has sorted a lot of things to myself(oh, she is convinced that I am a throat-chakra dominant person -- teacher, communicator, mind-reader, psychic links to animals, telepathic, and can transmit information beyond words about things that are, well, beyond words:). I am ok being a nobody once more... trying to drop the ego and stuff and that includes self-criticism .. and feel nicely mad again, jangling my gems, not bothering to wear the studied halo and highhandedness of yoga instructors who I see around me (celebs, some), and instead feel joy in talking to my pet parrots, the wild ones outside the window, to the cats that come up at the center, and yes, to my bowls.

Today, for the first time since I came from Nepal I got the Wuah, Wuah sound from my bowl (A, the throat chakra one, no less:) Earlier, it would a measly, whiny wuah which I would be not sure was actually one. This time, it was a nice firm Wuah every time.

Yes, and my A-note bowl is finally "speaking" where earlier it appeared self-involved. And when I strike it, it will resonate with a more deeper booming when I rise it to throat level. What are these magical things, these bowls:) So captivating, so little known about them. I have tried to buy as many books on them, yet, a big mystery..

And when I strike the A-note bowl (which in Tibetan medicine stands for the throat chakra) the vibration will rustle, a soft feathery touch at my throat -- an actual reaching out from the bowl! It kills me with joy, this thing, this connections, with my magical bowls..

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